Izertis becomes a part of AMETIC

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Izertis has confirmed its incorporation into AMETIC, the main business association of the technological field within the country. The entrance of Izertis in AMETIC has the objective of improving the representation of the technological sector in the association and developing collaboration agreements and synergies with the main companies of the national paradigm.

Izertis will focus its efforts on the information technology area, as an organization that is specialized in the digital transformation, innovation and technological development of its clients.

Besides, Izertis becomes an active part of the Committees on Industry 4.0, Smart cities and Internationalization boosted from AMETIC.

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Innovation, entrepreneurship and internationalization

The activity of Izertis in AMETIC will be linked to innovation projects, entrepreneurship and internationalization. The objectives that have been defined from Izertis with AMETIC consider:

  • Approaching public finance in I+D+i to companies and ease the development of startups and their access to the market.
  • Improving innovation programs in Spain.
  • Easing internationalization and external commerce both in Spanish companies in external markets and in foreign companies in the Spanish market.
  • Making progress in the digital transformation of organizations through 4.0 industry.
  • Participating in Smart Cities programs for the development of Smart Cities.