Hospital Clínico San Carlos entrusts the development services of “Paciente” and “Sisu” to Izertis

Izertis will be responsible for performing the service of monitoring, support, maintenance and development of the applications “Paciente” and “Sisu”. Such a service includes the debugging tasks of files, data and development of working tests. To do that, every activity of the project will be provided in close collaboration with the department of Information Technologies and Systems of Hospital Clínico San Carlos to guarantee an appropriate level of quality and flexibility in the development and maintenance performed.

Hospital clínico San Carlos - Izertis

Paciente and Sisu platforms

The application “Paciente” is developed in Java and provides the healthcare professional with accurate information to do his or her job correctly. It allows the access to every clinical report of patients divided by specialties, including the visualization of images associated with reports and management of clinical agendas. This application facilitates the elaboration, access and recovery of discharge reports, consultation reports, templates of specific reports of different specialties and management of reports and images from retinal cameras.

The application “Sisu” has been created made-to-measure for the management of the emergency service with different components developed in .NET where the life cycle of the patients in emergencies is managed. Such an application obtains the demographic data and those that are necessary for the triage.

Services to be developed by Izertis

  • Service of monitoring and support

    It will have the objective of securing the correct functioning of both applications, by detecting possible problems beforehand that could be produced to execute the procedures that guarantee the immediate restoration of the service.

  • Service of corrective and predictive maintenance

    Its purpose is to guarantee the correct functioning of the applications before detected problems that hinder the correct functioning or could imply a risk that could lead into functioning errors or problems.

  • Service management

    A service manager will be defined to be responsible of sending a monthly report to the hospital about the state of the service, detected and corrected incidents, as well as the proposed solutions and actions performed to resolve them.

  • Evolutionary development of the applications

    The objective of this service will be to evolve the applications “Paciente” and “Sisu” to improve the response of the databases, management of unrequested fields to date, integration with other applications and development of new functionalities, agreed with the area of Information Technologies and Systems of Hospital San Carlos.