Great reception of our seminar “Digital Transformation in the Health Sector”

The seminar was presented and moderated by Joan Ramón Guillén, Business Development Director of Izertis Levante, who introduced the session with a brief presentation on our company's vision of how Digital Transformation breaks into the Sanitary Sector by making ICTs Essential for successfully addressing the challenges of health systems in their modernization processes.

And in recent years, we are witnessing a transformation of the society worldwide. The emergence of digital technologies has involved major changes in all areas, including the Health Sector, opening a wide range of possibilities to improve the health of citizens and ensure the sustainability of the system.

Then, Manuel De Dios gave a presentation on the major trends that are changing the way of working, the challenges that brings digital disruption and how to successfully implement scenarios of mobility, security, and agility in health management thanks to Citrix solutions.

The day ended with a panel of questions by the attendees and a lunch in the restaurant Patrón de Barcelona where they continue deepening among all those present in the main challenges that the health sector is facing. Here are some photos of the day:

Image of Joan Ramón Guillén, Director of Business Development of Izertis Levante.
Joan Ramon Guillén, Director de Desarrollo de Negocio de Izertis Levante

Manuel de Dios, Channel Manager Iberia at Citrix
Manuel De Dios, Channel Manager Iberia en Citrix.