EUSKATE: New technologies of interoperability and collaborative coordination based on Blockchain for the collaborative coordination of the Basque Country's industries

EusKate has as main objective the generation of new knowledge based on the use and applicability of the Blockchain technology in the industry, and in particular in Advanced Manufacturing and its contexts of production automation, traceability and energy management in such a way that they can be generate new products, processes or services that allow to considerably improve existing ones.

To carry out the project, a consortium led by IZERTIS has been created in which they participate: AFM (Advanced Manufacturing Technologies), Royde S. Coop., Gashor Baking Equipment S. Coop., Dominion Digital SL, Ibermática SA, Grupo Ionsolar Aer, SL, Tecnalia, Ibermática Institute of Innovation (i3B) and Dominion Research and Development.

The participating companies have joined forces to create a Blockchain platform for Industry 4.0 that will allow its members to create prototypes in laboratory or controlled environments, as well as the validation, experimentation and analysis of new products and services based on technology. that can offer them a value different from the competition.

The project has been financed by:

Patrocinador: Gobierno Vasco
Patrocinador:Grupo Spri
Patrocinador:Grupo Spri
Patrocinador:Unión Europea FEDER