Miguel Ángel Acero Álvarez Responsible for Digital Transformation and Industry 4.0

Programmatic advertising based on Artificial Intelligence: the future of marketing

More and more companies are applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) to the core processes of their business. And this enabler seems to be accelerating its potential impact on activity over time expectations and its applications are becoming more interesting every day. Therefore, IA has ceased to be a tendency to become a reality, or rather, a priority for many business sectors. One of the emerging uses of this enabler is the advertising world, where intelligent systems can free us from a heavy workload while making our marketing efforts more efficient and effective.

Thanks to the use of cookies, chatbots and techniques deep learning we can access to seemingly hidden information and offer the user a closer communication. The programmatic advertising platforms are based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) to reach the users really interested in what is offered, thus achieving high impact, visibility, conversion, notoriety and efficiency in their advertising campaigns. The reason for the great impact of deep learning advertising is that he learns in the same way as people, but much more quickly. It analyzes people one by one, while also taking into account data from millions of users and considers the results in real time.

Advertisers will be able then to achieve the best efficiency ratios for their advertising campaigns. This application is in an important phase of growth, as pointed out by the latest forecasts of the Zenith program market which refers that this commercial model will be responsible for 65% of all the money invested in digital media in 2019.

Next, we will review the main advantages of the implementation of Artificial Intelligence in order to improve both our Outbound and our Inbound Marketing.

  • Know the target

    Thanks to cookies, our presence on the internet leaves countless clues and data that define our habits, tastes and needs. With the AI, we can capture, manage and evaluate this information in order to achieve a model of our most accurate Buyer Persona. On the other hand, chatbots are also a useful source of data about your potential customers. Thanks to these technologies, brands can reach each user individually, aligning them according to their own criteria, with a personalized message and tailored to them.

  • Be closer

    With all the data that this AI gets, thanks to personal follow-ups, it can provide personalized experiences to each of the individuals of our public who are already waiting for such customization. This means that the message that will be shown to you will be totally segmented and it will be tailored to your current needs or wishes, achieving to show just what you were looking for, what you have not seen and even products that you were not thinking about, but that do respond to your interests. On the other hand, this tool prevents us from displaying inappropriate or distant advertisements to the client's interests, which offers a new advantage.

  • Cost reduction

    Since our advertising is now much more accurate and effective, we can free ourselves from mass campaigns and invasive advertising. We will only invest in effective advertising, which we know it will reach a target to which it can potentially attract you. On the other hand, the automation of these tasks frees our team so that they can dedicate themselves to processes that provide more value, such as creativity, while saving time in all phases of marketing.

  • Security

    Finally, this technology greatly improves our cybersecurity. Being managed in a completely autonomous way by the digital platform, our information and that of the clients is more protected than in other traditional environments, being able to avoid possible attacks. This benefit is gaining more value each day, not only because of the hyperconnectivity scenario in which commercial activities take place, but also because of the increasingly intense legislation in this regard. This enabler can therefore help us to safeguard our information while complying with current regulations.


For some years, the advertising sector has been weak, mainly due to the invasiveness and little segmentation of traditional media. Programmatic advertising, thanks to Artificial Intelligence, can be the key that facilitates companies to provide a quality and hyperpersonalized experience to the user in their communications and advertisements.

From Izertis , we can be your partner on this journey towards quality advertising, helping you to design, develop and implement an AI strategy that will perfect all your marketing efforts. If you want to know more, you can contact our expert team in Digital Transformation and Artificial Intelligence.