Alberto Álvarez Álvarez Head of Strategic Accounts Services

How to achieve an internal management of the most efficient it department?

If there is a Paradise for a technical profile, you can find it using this service. The technology is at its best when we speak of virtual servers, clusters, firewalls, operating systems or databases.

All of this is necessary, but it is undoubtedly an island surrounded by the ocean that fits in the business. Providing in such an advanced and evolving environment can lead to losing the focus of what is truly important.

Get the most from system administration

Technology is not an end in itself, it is the means used by all companies to grow and evolve their work. The management of communication systems and environments is always changing and, for maximum performance, it necessary to put in order the work that the technicians develop every day.

You can find a practical example when a client takes his car into the shop for maintenance. This user knows in advance how much it will cost, how long they will take, and therefore when he will be able to pick it up. So why not apply the same methodology to IT? Is information technology management so different from managing a car shop?

The key to a good CSG: dynamic services tailored to the client

A Managed Services Centre such as Izertis has a dynamic Services Catalogue that is also economically valued. Dynamic, because as technology advances and customer’s needs change, this catalogue will have to be updated with new tasks and to eliminate those that are obsolete.

On the other hand, if every possible end-user application has an economic evaluation, it will help the internal IT department to get a detail of the expenses which will enable them to better plan their budget and also to provide financial information to the CEO.

What are the advantages of the Izertis Service Catalogue?

The service catalogue has two clearly differentiated sections: service requests and periodic maintenance that offer the following advantages:

  1. Approval of requests. In the first, the end users have a list of all the requests that can be satisfied. Such requests may require an approval flow by the organization (and need not to be approved by the IT department) or may be pre-approved. When the Systems & Networking Administration service receive one of these requests, there are two ways to accomplish them:
    • Run the task manually. This way is used for those requests which, because of their complexity, because of the interrelationship between the elements of the infrastructure or of a very variable configuration, it is not possible to carry them out without supervision.
    • Run the task automatically. For this, the tools of ITSM have integrations in tools of automation and orchestration, thus making it possible to complete the whole cycle of the request, without being necessary human action. Among other advantages, the solving time decreases considerably and, therefore, increases user satisfaction.
  2. Maintenance catalogue. On this point, CSG customers have a broad set of tasks that will be carried out periodically and that aim to guarantee the correct functioning and optimization of the different elements of the infrastructure. Each of them has an established periodicity, some defined “deliverables”, and, of course, a previous economic evaluation.


Achieving a more efficient management of the internal workings of the IT department is now a feature for any company that wants to achieve a better performance and benefit of time. The key to success lies in achieving a System Administration tailored to customer needs and a good network of contacts

They are, therefore, two key services offered by a Managed Services Centre, such as Izertis, with which, in addition to optimizing costs, it will prevent the rapid advancement of technology from becoming a problem rather than an advantage for your company.