Digitalización de empresas
José Ramón García Head of Digital Experience

Digital sales strategy: a 7-year relationship with Helvetia

The collaboration with Helvetia started in 2015, and since then we have worked hand in hand on several projects. The main line of collaboration currently focuses on digital sales strategy, with the aim of generating online business. Specifically, Izertis, together with the Helvetia team, executes the lead acquisition strategy through multichannel advertising campaigns and organic positioning strategies, along with a thorough data analysis, seeking to optimise investments and improve ROI.

New Digitalisation and Sales Strategy Plan

We are currently immersed in the process of launching the Plan + Digital for agents, as part of the strategic measure that focuses on boosting the mediation channel. With this action, Helvetia will take another step forward in the digitalisation of the channel and support in the generation of new sales opportunities. In addition, we will support Helvetia in the Marketing Automation and Lead Nurturing strategy with Salesforce Marketing Cloud, which is another of Helvetia's strategic pillars for 2022.

Thanks to these 7 years of relation with Helvetia, we have seen how an important effort has been made in the digitalisation of the company in many aspects, although we have experienced it with greater intensity in the digital sales strategy, where great steps have been taken towards an omnichannel vision and control of data as the main business element. In addition, I would highlight the enthusiasm with which all the changes are faced and the drive to continue taking steps in the process," has highlighted José Ramón, our Head of Digital Experience.

"What is really important for a project as ambitious as the one we are carrying out for Helvetia is the possibility of making long-term forecasts so that we can see how we are achieving milestones and optimising our plans to improve and increase results, year after year," has commented José Ramón.

Helvetia stands out from others, because we have made the whole journey by putting the customer at the centre

Likewise, as Idoia Fuertes, Head of Digital Customer Experience at Helvetia, has explained, "we have experienced this digitalisation process in many companies in recent years, as is logical, but I believe that Helvetia stands out from others, because we have made the whole journey by putting the customer at the centre, seeking to make the customer's experience and relationship model with Helvetia unique and differential".

Furthermore, she insisted that "the element that gives the company the greatest value is to have a product that is differential in the market, but without the right channels for its commercialisation, time and resources are wasted. That is why, with the firm conviction that we have services that stand out from the rest of the market offer, we have been striving for years to be solid in the channels through which we reach our customers".

The Helvetia Group has grown over more than 160 years to become an international insurance group. Today, it is present in its home market, Switzerland, as well as in Germany, Italy, Austria and Spain, which constitute its business area in Europe. It is also present in France and in certain regions of the world through our 'Specialised Markets' area.

Helvetia offers Life and Non-Life policies, as well as customised specialty lines and reinsurance coverage. Its business activity is focused on individual customers, small and medium-sized companies, as well as large corporations. With around 11,600 employees, it serves more than 7 million customers.

With a turnover of CHF 9,714 million, Helvetia generated an IFRS result after tax of CHF 281.7 million in the financial year 2020. Helvetia Holding's nominal shares are listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange under the abbreviation HELN.