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How to use conversational AI to improve customer experience

Today's customers expect individual and relevant support through various communication channels and moments of interaction with a company or organisation. They also appreciate the opportunity to receive this individual support 24 hours a day.

Conversational AI solutions are presented as an alternative or complement to human attention, as meeting these expectations and providing an adequate customer experience (UX) requires a lot of effort and resources.

Izertis has developed a product that helps companies and organisations to improve the customer experience. Coloqio is an AI-powered conversational platform that enables the management, automation, and control of communication in any channel or language.

Here we focus on the fruitful relationship between conversational AI assistants and the customer experience, regardless of the messaging channel used.

What is customer experience?

Current and potential customers experience a brand. These experiences can be positive or negative. Therefore, efforts should be made to develop strategies to ensure the best possible experience even before buying a product or service. In the end, it comes to developing plans to make customers and users feel comfortable interacting with a company or organisation.

What role do conversational AI assistants play in improving the customer experience?

A good customer experience is mandatory to choose and remain loyal to a brand. The COVID-19 pandemic has underlined that a good customer experience requires much more than the ability to respond to queries 24/7. Strategies must go beyond the time available. In fact, the objective is to focus on the overall customer experience, personalising conversations according to context, timing and channels used.

This requires much more than traditional chatbots, which were often unable to understand pragmatic strategies such as irony or to pick up indications of human emotions such as anger. For this reason, they had no adaptive mechanisms to the tone of the conversation. The "tone" of a conversation is not the same when resolving a payment issue or a delivery delay than when, initially requesting an order or after completing a purchase process.

Conversational AI assistants determine these differences according to context and channel. For example, messages sent during a WhatsApp conversation are often closer and more familiar than those sent through other means.

Finally, having a chatbot that can answer 24/7 is not enough if it is not able to provide a relevant response in an appropriate context tone. Although technology is required to support human intervention, it is important that customers and users are satisfied.

Conversational AI assistants help customers feel cared for and understood

Conversational platforms such as Coloqio and its AI conversational assistants developed with techniques such as Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) are conceived to recognise the differences based on multiple variables: for example, the context or the client’s environment. They are also able to remember the user's previous interactions. The aim is to ensure that each interaction is meaningful and convenient.

Furthermore, at Izertis, the design of the artificial intelligence conversational assistants around Coloqio is conceived with the following intention: to make customers feel "well looked after" and "understood". In this way, we develop tools that support a strategy oriented to conversation offering our customers the best possible experience. Coloqio rely on a set of rules to determine when human intervention is required within the customer service process. That way, the interaction will not be disrupted, and the customer will not be frustrated.

Coloqio has management, automation and control capabilities in its conversational AI platform. Most importantly, Coloqio can collect vital information about AI conversational assistant interactions and use it to improve the customer experience and adjust conversational strategies according to objectives. This can be done by increasing lead conversion, by simplifying the purchase and delivery processor, by improving customer satisfaction ratings or by optimising services.

We have several success stories using Coloqio where the tool has not only reduced the workload of our staff but has also turned out to be crucial to reach more customers, to qualify our clients and to provide them with a good conversational experience in their relationship with the company as well as to achieve impressive conversion rates. YoTengoBot is a great example of this.

You will find in Izertis, a partner to improve the customer experience and support both the process and the customer service throughout the customer journey. We can customise Coloqio's conversational platform and AI conversational assistants in order to meet the specific needs of your business or organisation.