Izertis and FADE celebrate their 4th conference on digital transformation for companies

Next Friday April 13th, Izertis together with the Asturian Federation of Entrepreneurs will celebrate for the fourth consecutive year the day dedicated to innovation and digital transformation in companies. To know how it affects and in what benefits to the organizations these technological advances, during the event, that will take place in the Hotel Oca Palacio de la Weepa in Gijón, executives of different sectors of the business fabric of the region, analyze the future challenges , Keys and success stories.

Under the title "New Opportunities for the company:Digital transformation" Managers of the banking sector, the food and health industry will provide a cross-sectional view of the important impact of new disruptive technologies on More traditional business models.

Clara Bartle, Responsible for the role of the growth center in the food multinational GB foods, will be in charge of inaugurating the conference turn. During his paper titled "Disruptive Innovation: exponential technologies and the future of food" he will share his experience about how a company like Gallina Blanca has managed to consolidate a successful innovation center.

From the health sector, Dr. Jesús Merayo, Director of the Fernández-Vega University Institute and specialist in Regenerative medicine of the ocular surface, will testify to how important it is for scientific research to work with technologies Avant-garde as bioimpression. Digital transformation therefore becomes a key factor in advancing the healing and treatment of eye diseases.

Daniel Rojo, responsible for industry 4.0 in the company Asturfeito, has extensive experience in integrating industrial processes and IT systems. His intervention will focus on his experience concerning the processes of digital transformation implemented in that company.

In representation of the banking sector, it will also be attended by Román Benito, Director of Digital innovation at LiberBank, sponsoring entity of the event. Among the points he will develop during his talk will highlight how important it is for your sector and more specifically for the Asturian banking entity in which it works, analyze trends and innovative activities that allow developing digital solutions in Such important areas as mobility, APIs, P2P payments, Cloud, big data, biometrics or chatbots.

And to put the finishing touch on this fourth journey, Sheila Méndez, director of Digital Transformation and innovation at Izertis, with more than 10 years of experience in the field of ICT will talk about the new transforming technologies that are developing most Currently in companies and more specifically in Izertis.

Digital transformation has the objective of putting the latest technological advances at the service of the business strategy generating value. This is why the celebration of this day aims to inspire the Asturian companies to move in this direction, developing projects that allow them to obtain greater competitive advantages and to lead the present and future market.