Izertis works on the prototype of Mixed Reality Smart Hands

The Izertis’ Artificial Vision and Mixed Reality team, led by David Cabañeros, is working on the Smart Hands prototype, which uses the Mixed Reality technology together with the Microsoft HoloLens platform.

The objective of this prototype is to provide a sample of capabilities and possibilities in Industry 4.0, simulating in a real-scale panel an operation on an industrial equipment and by configuring a work order consisting of a succession of tasks that the operator must complete in an orderly manner.

The panel is located in a real space, so all the information is presented to the operator in a contextualized way and includes a series of holographic elements that show which components should be used and how to do it.

To the operator is offered a double way of interacting with the system, being able to move forward and backward in the work order using gesture or voice commands. This strategy allows to raise applications of this type in noisy environments and also in positions where the operator is required to have both hands free.

The possibilities of customization and adaptation to different problems are innumerable. IZERTIS facilitates the digital transformation of the industry with innovative ideas supported by Virtual Reality, Augmented and Mixed.