Izertis has joined the Association for Management progress (APD)

APD is a global community of executives whose objective is to analyze the current business and economic situation together with its partners, identify business opportunities and, ultimately, generate and disseminate new currents of thought in the management Business.

APD - Asociación para el progreso de la dirección

APD has presence in 17 regions of Spain and is present in 5 other countries (Portugal, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Morocco). It is a non-profit and independent association, which pursues the progress of society through the development of companies through training and networking actions aimed at executives and entrepreneurs.

This partnership is part of a common goal between Izertis and APD, which is no other than building the common good through the professional and personal development of the business community represented by executives and entrepreneurs, together with companies and professionals who They believe, in the need to develop a stronger, more dynamic society and ready to face the challenges in digital transformation.

We are confident that with this partnership we will be able to work collaboratively and constructively and take advantage of synergies and knowledge with members and stakeholders who in some way participate with APD.