Izertis becomes Infor partner

The new partnership between Izertis and Infor allows to reinforce and expand the network of suppliers Izertis is a partner, exchanging synergies and uniting capacities in the implementation of business solutions for the management of industrial processes, business analytics and Artificial intelligence through Infor Coleman.

Logotipo Infor
Logotipo Izertis

What advantages does this alliance bring?

Becoming an authorized partner of Infor, one of the leading software companies in the field of business management solutions, gives us the opportunity to collaborate with a corporation that has more than 90,000 customers, 15,000 Employees and a wide network of offices spread over 41 countries.

Infor, joins the Izertis Partner network that is currently constituted by the following technology leaders and suppliers: https://www.izertis.com/quienes-somos/partners-y-asociaciones

Through this agreement, both companies will work together to provide greater value, through BI-and ERP-based business solutions covering a broad portfolio of products and applications developed for straight use and tailored to each industry.