zertis organizes together with SAS the Industry 4.0 & Data Analytics event in Bilbao

Today, Thursday November 15, the Industry 4.0 & Data Analytics Meeting event has taken place that held Izertis and SAS in the BEC of Bilbao and has been sponsored by Cisco and Intel, which has brought together more than 100 professionals.

During the day we have talked about the main keys to carry out a real plan of digital transformation, real experiences of companies have been exposed that have carried out successfully and has been discussed the vision of CIOs on the industry 4.0.

Pablo Martín, president of Izertis, has started the day welcoming all the attendees and has given way to the presentations.

Miguel Ángel Acero, head of Digital transformation and Industry 4.0 of Izertis, said: "The transformation process can not come from one day to another, the sooner we start, we will be more competitive" during his presentation "Industry4Data – Strategy For an intelligent data-based industry."

For his part, Luis Núñez, SAS main Business Solution Manager, explained that the data is the biggest asset with which they work at their conference "The Internet of Things" to the 'Intelligence of Things'. "We can apply analytics to data to start making real-time decisions", he added.

The Expert roundtable has been moderated by Sheila Méndez, director of Digital Transformation and innovation at Izertis. Javier González, Digital transformation in the Industry of Tubacex, has explained that in Tubacex they see transforming as a must and so they approach.

"A digitalization strategy plan is to identify and analyse the strategies and projects needed to carry out the transformation", said Arturo Fernandez, Project Engineer at Petronor.

In addition, Javier Rodríguez, Director of Product Development and innovation at Euskaltel, has talked about the initiative they have in their company of customer experience, which is to analyze the data at a very deep level to get the satisfaction of their customers.

Fernando Sánchez, SAS Sales industry Manager, has concluded that companies want to evolve into industry 4.0 and that the key is how to start and the sooner it is done, the better.

The event has ended with a networking and a Showroom in which Izertis and SAS have presented 4 live demonstrations:

  1. Agile Management Center

    Izertis has made a demonstration with this Integral center of Operations for the monitoring of assets (staircases, footbridges and elevators), that has capacity for the remote action on those assets.

  2. "On the Edge" analytics – Working with real sensor data

    SAS has shown real-time monitoring of data generated by a turbine's vibration sensors with SAS Event Stream processing and its advanced analytical application to predict the failure Of the machine using a SVDD analytical model.

  3. Food chain

    Izertis has shown an application to ensure the traceability and quality of agri-food products in supply chains based on Blockchain.

  4. Mixed reality for work orders in industrial environment

    Izertis has made a demonstration with HoloLens glasses for the follow up of work orders by an operator in an industrial environment.

Izertis is an international technology consultancy that facilitates the digital transformation of the organizations through the implantation of solutions, technological and innovation services to adapt and modernize the processes and business models of the Companies to improve their profitability, competitiveness and adaptation to change in the competitive framework of the digital economy.

SAS is a multinational company specializing in advanced Artificial intelligence and analytics that offers innovative solutions to improve performance and deliver value by making better decisions faster.