Izertis in the winning project of the first IoT Blockchain Camp 2018

Last April 15th the first edition of the IoT Blockchain International Championship was concluded in Valencia. Izertis, who was part of the Hackathon through our expert in Blockchain Urko Larrañaga, won the first prize, by participating in the winning project, based on building a system applied to boost the tourism sector and that proves the presence of a Person in a particular place.

During the course of the championship, which also held several technical seminars focused on the integration of IoT devices with Blockchain, more than 70 experts from around the world participated. During 48 hours, participants had to confront and solve a series of real challenges applied to all types of industrial sectors.

Among the challenges that were planted, both by the organization and the public attendees highlighted:

  • Automating the behavior of product prices based on their expiration date.
  • Creating a system that tests a person's presence in a particular location
  • Construction of reward systems for citizens who respect the environment and have sustainable habits.
  • Traceability of the quality and origin of the products.
  • To register a person's genome, through the construction of a historical genome, that will allow to check and know your ancestors.