Izertis will develop a plataform that enables entrepreneurs women to make networking

Izertis has been the chosen company to develop the international tender "50 million of African women speak in Africa", an international project led by Izertis that will promote social development and that is focused on creating a Web platform of Networking and a mobile App, with the aim of facilitating women entrepreneurs in Africa the process of entrepreneurship and start-up of businesses, providing access to training and business information of local interest, mentors and other services necessary to boost the growth of their businesses, for example the export of foodstuffs.

The project, for which nearly 30 companies from the USA, the United Kingdom, Spain, Ghana and Senegal were presented, and which was finally awarded to the Joint Venture led by Izertis, it will last 18 months and have an investment of half a million Dollars. The work plan, to be developed by Izertis from August 1 in Zambia, will be to create a networked networking platform, enabling connectivity between African businesswomen, fostering peer learning and sharing information and Knowledge. This platform will be accessible via mobile devices and computers connected to the Internet.

Being awarded this great project in Africa allows Izertis, to have the opportunity to start a new and attractive international line of work in a continent with great potential for technological development such as Africa, as well as being able to participate in a Important social work, which favours the financial inclusion of the women of the East, Central and south of the African continent, thus enhancing the economic activity of underdeveloped and developing countries.