All about People & Digital Transformation event - Roles and Challenges

Yesterday, Wednesday 13 March, Izertis held "People & Digital Transformation - Roles and Challenges" event at the Foro Next in Madrid, which was sponsored by Telefónica, Huawei, Citrix, Alcatel-Lucent, Exaccta and Cybeready.

Currently, digital transformation is changing the business models of companies. This situation requires the search for new strategies to attract and retain talent within companies, which is why the Human Resources department becomes a key part of this transformation.

Manuel Campo Vidal, President Emeritus of the Academy of Sciences and Arts of Television in Spain and President of Next IBS, welcomed the event by highlighting the importance of adapting to change at a time when the transformation is taking place in an accelerated way.

After the welcome, Pablo Martín, President of Izertis, explained the point of view of Izertis and said: "The digital transformation in the organizations supposes a change much more beyond the tools. It involves a change of people and organizational culture. Both support each other and are the fundamental piece on which the digital transformation is based".

For his part, Luis Ángel Galindo, Digital Transformation Coach, has enhanced the importance of disruptive thinking of people within organizations to reach change.

"Digitalization has become the key element for companies to be competitive" said Laura Ortega, Strategy and Acceleration of B2B Business Transformation of Telefónica. In addition, she stated that Big Data, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and IoT are essential for the success of digital transformation in companies, but this has to go hand in hand with the transformation of workers.

Juan Bru, Senior Human Resources Manager of Huawei, emphasized that the revolution is based on two pillars, technology and talent, so Human Resources have to be a leading actor in the transformation of companies because they have the power to align all the parts that are going to be essential to carry out the transformation.

"To find optimal processes in people and in the way they work thanks to the use of technology, favouring the use of new applications and improving the customer experience, this is the ultimate goal of the organizations", said Santiago Campuzano, Iberia Regional Manager of Citrix.

"In the end, this whole process is linked to be able to extract and to know the greatest potential that people have within a company. Technology and different technological solutions will help us to identify and to enhance that talent and that super power, that ability that any employee has to be able to execute a work within a company”, explained Miguel Ángel Acero, responsible for Digital Transformation & Industry 4.0 of Izertis. This is achieved with Hiperpersonalization, that is, looking for the best possible solution adapted to each worker.

The event ended with a round table of experts that included Maribel Ruiz, HR Director Spain & North of Europe & International Markets of DEOLEO; Guillermo Pérez Morales, Commercial Technical Director of the EULEN Auxiliary Services Group; Elisa Agudo, Chief Happiness Officer of COMUNICA+A; Javier García Vizcaíno, Digital Transformation of ACCIONA and the round table was moderated by Luis Galindo. The participants, from their experience, provided insight into the importance that people have in the process of digital transformation.

In conclusion, the guarantee of the success of digitalization in organizations depends on effective Change Management led largely by Human Resources. This transformation cannot focus only on tools, people and business culture play a fundamental role.