Izertis supports STEM Talent Girl initiative

Last Saturday, November 24, Sheila Méndez, director of Digital Transformation and innovation and Carlos Melendi, director of business development at Izertis, attended the inauguration of the stem talent girl, which has the sponsorship of Izertis.

It is a mentoring project aimed specifically at women for the development of STEM (Science, Technology, engineering and Mathematics) talent and the promotion of scientific and technological vocations since adolescence.

The aim of this project is to inspire and empower the next generation of women leaders in science and technology and has different projects:

  • Program Science for Her: directed to students of 3 º and 4 º of secondary with masterclass, sessions of shadowing with mentors and workshops STEM.
  • Mentor Women Program: aimed at high school students, in which they are mentored by STEM professionals who accompany and guide them and develop research projects.
  • Real Work Program: aimed at university students or graduates with the aim of attracting talent and generating employability to access scholarships and internships in the best companies in the country.

With this initiative Izertis shows its commitment to the promotion of STEM vocations among the female population, something of paramount importance for the development of the ICT sector.

More information on this link.