Industry 4.0: The new connected factory

Over time, the industry has experienced different revolutions that have been transforming it completely, giving rise to the industry as we know it today: Industry 4.0. But, do we really know what this new term means?

New and growing consumer demands put pressure on traditional industries, which are facing a major change and are trying to transform themselves to meet these new market demands.

Serial production should become more personalized and individual production more effective. For this, production processes need to be organized and perfected to meet this new market reality that requires new products and innovative services. Is the Internet of Things (IoT) the solution?

The term Industry 4.0, also known as "Intelligent Factory" or "Industrial Internet", originated in Germany to refer to the digital transformation of the industry, which involves adding software and connectivity to any product (IoT), giving rise to what we know as connected factories, that make possible a new industrial model.

Engineers overseeing the construction of solar space panels

Do you want to know how technology has revolutionized the traditional industrial model giving rise to the fourth revolution or Industry 4.0?

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