HoloLens: Beyond the advanced reality and virtual reality

HoloLens, holographic lenses capable of showing tridimensional images and objects integrated in a natural way with the real world, is the new project of Microsoft.

But, how does that effect is obtained? HoloLens makes use of transparent lenses and spatial sound. The device incorporates a camera that observes the environment, recognizes our movements, observes the look and designs virtual images emitting light towards our eyes without hurting them. Moreover, it uses an understanding tool of our environment that facilitates that the holograms look and sound as if they were part from the real external world.

There are no cables or screens as we know then with HoloLens. The holograms and tridimensional images created for the projection of a beam of light over a surface, can be seen through a frame situated in the center of our sight, while we move freely.

A HoloLens user watching 3D through virtual reality glasses

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