To align organizations with their business objectives, they must adapt to the changes that occur in their environment and be based on agile structures and processes.

Managing change using agile processes

For this, using an analytical perspective, we work the design and planning of reengineering and process automation, competitive and commercial analysis and organizational and operational design.

Our vision to create and manage structures, processes and projects in an agile way is based on:

Combining competitive analysis, process reengineering and organizational design.
Align project management with the organization's strategy.
Cover the entire IT Governance life cycle.
Address customer change management as a transversal activity.
Guide IT management of customers to the business.
Incorporate Business Agility philosophies into project management offices.
Use maturity models to modernize IT Governance offices.


1. Project and Service Management

Change management

Oficina de Gestión de Programas/Proyectos (PMO)

IT Governance Office

Strategy / Portfolio Management Office (EPMO)

Demand and Service Management Office (SMO)

Any business transformation process necessarily entails a change affecting processes, people and systems, so you need a change Management Model as garantor of its acceptance through a gradual and natural transition.

Change Management

  • Training in project management
  • Change Management Offices (CMO)
  • Implementation of change management models
  • Training and follow-up of adoption processes
  • Training plans
  • Project and program management (Interim Management)
  • Hybrid PMO offices (traditional and agile management)
  • Technical management offices
  • PMO as a Service
  • IT Operational Models oriented towards services
  • Demand and business relationship management offices
  • Management of strategic, tactical and operational IT processes
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Supplier management and control
  • Reporting and Performance Management
  • Improvement proposals
  • Transformation Offices
  • Planning and strategic control (portfolio of initiatives)
  • Comprehensive PPM management (strategic demand management and investment portfolio management "projects")
  • Measuring the level of achievement of objectives (KPG's)
  • Drawing up of Business Cases
  • Technological observatory and the business market
  • IT organization
  • Process framework for IT GOVERNANCE
  • IT strategic plan (creation, follow-up and review processes)
  • Economic control (ABC cost model)
  • Strategy for IT sourcing and implementation

2. PPM & ITSM Solutions

Project and Portfolio Management Solutions (PPM)

We cover the integral management in PPM, using our platforms, placing our focus on:

The alignment with portfolio and strategic objectives

Demand management

Financial management

Managing the life cycle of projects

Ppm tool assessment

Capacity management

Developing integrations with third party tools

Evolution and support of existing implantations

Automation of processes and bots

Our alliances

Alliance with the best valued and recognized PPM solution publishers in the market.

IT Service Management Solutions (ITSM)

ITSM intends to replace the traditional IT management model of any organization, based fundamentally on technology, oriented to process, for the design, delivery, management and continuous improvement of Information Technologies within an organization.

The ITSM tools are essential for process automation, and promote innovation by incorporating and applying the latest technologies: Omnicanality, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud computing…

Where does ITSM apply?

The most common processes in which we can apply ITSM are incident and order management, problem management (recurring incidents), change management, and service level agreement management (SLA).

At the operation level, a good planning and life cycle management of our IT assets in CMDB, allows us to optimize resources and cost of services.


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