Izertis ultima los detalles de su salida a bolsa con road shows en distintas ciudades de España

Para nuestro presidente y fundador, Pablo Martín, «se trata de una gran oportunidad, pero también de una gran responsabilidad». Y es que incorporarse a los mercados de capitales siempre ha sido uno de los objetivos de Izertis.

Is your digital strategy adapted to the expectations of your customers?

The digital customer wants to get a fast, simple and reliable transaction. Otherwise, he will lose interest in the product or service he is wishing to purchase. Also, his experience must be synonymous with mobile experience, including social networks.

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Miguel Ángel Acero Álvarez

Housing Technology

From some years now one talks about domotics, but do you know how the technology applied to housing has evolved over the years? In this post we will try to give a few brushstrokes of its evolution.

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Marta García Prado

The advantages and challenges of Blockchain in Public Administration

Once solved the different challenges raised by the blockchain in the Public Administration, it is time to take advantage of the numerous advantages offered by the implementation of blockchain technology, both for public employees and for citizens.

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Urko Larrañaga Piedra

Izertis, recognized as a specialized consultant for the preparation of Digital Transformation and Industry 4.0 plans

The experience of the IZERTIS team in the implementation of strategic technological plans in companies and their knowledge of the industrial sector have been fundamental aspects for this achievement.

How to establish the KPIs of a managed service?

Any of the managed services we provide in Izertis to our clients has among its main objectives the continuous improvement of it

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Alberto Álvarez Álvarez