Izertis joins Liferay partner network

Izertis has signed a partnership agreement with Liferay to join capacities and enrich relationships by exchanging synergies, which will offer to Izertis customers a new modern, innovative and flexible IT service, to facilitate and accelerate in a safe and completely personalized way the process of digital transformation of organizations.

Izertis will develop a plataform that enables entrepreneurs women to make networking

Izertis has been the chosen company to develop the international tender "50 million of African women speak in Africa", an international project led by Izertis that will promote social development and that is focused on creating a Web platform of Networking and a mobile App, with the aim of facilitating women entrepreneurs in Africa the process of entrepreneurship and start-up of businesses, providing access to training and business information of local interest, mentors and other services necessary to boost the growth of their businesses, for example the export of foodstuffs.

Tucycle, a smart city project and smart urban mobility that is already rolling through the streets of Gijón and is being a success

Izertis has developed the technology that allows to rent, unlock, geolocate and manage all the rental service, as well as exploit the use data to improve the service.