Izertis, recognized as a specialized consultant for the preparation of Digital Transformation and Industry 4.0 plans

The experience of the IZERTIS team in the implementation of strategic technological plans in companies and their knowledge of the industrial sector have been fundamental aspects for this achievement.

IZERTIS, awarded with the IDEPA 2019 Prize for business growth

During the awards ceremony, the president of Izertis, Pablo Martín, thanked this recognition and said that “all our business growth is due to the fact that we are able to attract, retain and develop talent” and added  that “the real strength of Izertis comes from the more than 800 people that make it up”

Izertis participates in the official launch of the 4DPrintEN project

The incipient brushstrokes of this multidisciplinary project, which is scheduled to end in March 2021, have been presented at a first joint meeting of the consortium on May 15. Among the main objectives that have been raised is the development of the manufacturing process through 3D printing of portable and intelligent devices with low consumption that are capable of generating different voltages in response to external stimulus, with the intention of capturing and collecting electrical energy in an efficient way.

Izertis and the transnational research group in charge of the Dressing4scars project meet

On 6,7 and 8 May a meeting was held in Guimarães, Portugal, to talk about the evolution of the Dessing4scars european project to show the advances in the new intelligent 4D dressing that improves skin scars.

Izertis celebrates in Barcelona together with SAS the event "Industry 4.0 & Data Analytics Meeting”

Next June 5, Izertis and SAS will celebrate in Barcelona in Sala Capell (Rambla del Prat, 27), the "Industry 4.0 & Data Analytics Meeting” event where experts in Industry 4.0 will reveal through the presentation of success stories, conferences and a round table, the key strategies the companies of the industrial sector should follow to successfully face the challenge of transforming digitally their business models to make them more competitive.

Izertis joins the network of SAP Partners for the implementation of new services and solutions

Izertis has become a new official SAP Partner by joining its service program. Being part of the SAP Partner Edge Service Program and having its technology gives us the opportunity to develop and implement our own applications and exchange knowledge that allows us to offer our clients new business solutions and SAP services that respond to their needs in a faster and much more efficient way.