Walking towards port 4.0. through of digital transformation

The Digital Transformation must remain linked to the objectives and strategies of Port Authority. The strategy to follow should not be based only on the implementation of new technological solutions, but on the integration of these in a structural way to achieve the previously established business objectives

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Juan Guzmán Triviño

Energy companies facing the challenge of digital transformation

Many of the changes in the energy sector are caused by actors that are not traditional energy companies. These new and agile market participants are full of ideas and innovations to accelerate the decarbonization agenda.

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Miguel Ángel Acero Álvarez

Gestión del cambio - ¿Acción o Reacción?

Implementar un cambio supone un desafío para toda organización. Contar con el entorno y los actores propicios que permitan una transición fluida son factores imprescindibles que se pueden conseguir mediante la gestión del cambio.

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Jose L. Hortelano

How to achieve effective management of agile projects in your company? Keys to success

Achieving effective and agile project management is not an easy task. In Izertis we offer you methodologies and factors to optimize project management.

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Hugo Pintado Pérez

IoT and sustainability

Every day we are more aware of the impact we generate in the environment and it is necessary that each and every one of us get down to work to achieve a more sustainable world. Is technology aligned with this commitment? In this post we will detail some points in which technology can contribute in terms of sustainability.

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Marta García Prado

Remote assistance based on augmented reality

The use of augmented reality in support processes in the field represents one of the applications with the highest degree of maturity and adoption in different sectors, proving its effectiveness in increasing productivity and in minimizing errors while reducing drastically intervention times and costs.

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David Cabañeros Blanco