Izertis bets on healthy eating with the Izertis Fruit Day

Eating fruit daily is a food habit that is essential to keep a healthy and balanced diet. In addition, its high vitamin intake helps us to start the day with a good dose of energy.

Izertis celebrates in Madrid and Gijón the first PádelStars Tournament for its workers

To increase the satisfaction of our workers, promoting healthy living, good relationships and team spirit among colleagues through the practice of sport is one of the priorities of Izertis.

Izertis collaborates at Christmas with the Asturian Food Bank

Christmas is one of those times of the year where people show their most supportive side to people who have less resources. Therefore, from the offices of Izertis Gijón we wanted to contribute with our small grain of sand and we started last Christmas a food collection campaign for the Food Bank of Asturias.

Izertis develops an Equal Opportunities Plan for men and women in the workplace

With this plan it becomes clear the firm commitment of Izertis to establish within our organization policies of real equality and the implementation of measures that promote and integrate equal treatment and opportunities for women and men without directly or indirectly discriminating them because of sex.

Izertis donates disused equipment to Mar de Niebla Foundation

The objective of this donation is that students can learn to repair them and then donate them to families or entities that need them most.

Izertis promotes actions that favour the integration of labour and equal opportunities in the workplace

Equality measures, framed within the Corporate Social Responsibility Plan of Izertis, are a clear commitment to continue working in favour of labour integration of the most disadvantaged social sectors. Social awareness policies form a fundamental part of our values.