Cloud operation for Iot data and Industry 4.0 communication

18 Oct 2017

Cloud operation for Iot data and Industry 4.0 communication

The Internet of Things (IoT) is considered as the tool with more future inside the world of technology and Industry 4.0, Computer systems have been providing application services to users through operating system help.

However, the current development of collaborative work has come across a wall. Only 5% of companies in all industries can develop their own application programs or to host their own websites.

The cloud works in such way that every user receives a personal account that connects to the organizations platform, where employees, commercial partners, and clients can Access to a collaborative space.

We have seen that the cloud offers the possibility of working together and without limits through the internet. We need to add the benefits of IoT, a technology in which re can recollect infinite information through diverse connected business devices and send them to the cloud for later computing.  

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