Quality Policy, Safety, Environmental Management and R & D & I

We understand the quality and the correct environmental management as a basic tool in the management of our company that allows us to reach our objectives with our clients, employees, shareholders and other interested parties.

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Customer satisfaction

Satisfaccion del Cliente

Always getting your relationship with our company exceed your expectations. Our commitment is to meet your requirements.

Environmental Commitment

Compromiso ambiental

Sustainable development, respect for the environment, commitment to the protection of the environment, and prevention of pollution.

Compliance with the requirements of the integrated system of quality and environmental and legal management

Satisfaccion del Cliente

The Management of Izertis is committed to the fulfillment of all the requirements of the Integrated System of Quality and Environmental Management, promoting its evolution and, therefore, improvement; as well as the legal requirements applicable to our activity and other requirements that the organization subscribes related to its environmental aspects.

We understand Research, Development and Innovation (R & D) as the best way to respond to the constant demand for new technologies and products.

Motor for growth

Satisfaccion del Cliente

Generating new products that meet the needs of our customers, innovative products that allow us to open new markets and new lines of business for the company.

Source of knowledge

Compromiso ambiental

At the service of the entire organization, as it carries out a constant and systematic technological surveillance, channeling as a source of information the proximity to the market and knowledge of the sector by the whole organization.

Security policy Izertis

  1. The information is protected against loss of availability, confidentiality and integrity.
  2. The information is protected against unauthorized access.
  3. Your comply with applicable legal requirements.
  4. The business requirements regarding information security and information systems are met.
  5. Security incidents are communicated and handled appropriately.
  6. Procedures are established to comply with this Policy.
  7. The Information Security Officer will be in charge of maintaining this policy, procedures and providing support in its implementation.
  8. Those responsible for each business area will be in charge of implementing this Policy and its corresponding procedures within your area.
  9. Each employee is responsible for complying with this Policy and its procedures as applicable to their job.
  10. It is the policy of IZERTIS to implement, maintain and monitor the Information Security Management System.

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Izertis is a technology consultancy that facilitates the digital transformation of organizations through the implementation of solutions, technological services and innovation.

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