Block-Tech-Pharma, first prize of the Izertis Chair

After signing the agreement between the School of Management (BSM) of Pompeu Fabra University and Izertis to create the Izertis Chair devoted to research and dissemination of knowledge about Blockchain, on 20th December the prizes were awarded to the best projects of the postgraduate. «They are projects of great quality and of great value for the different sectors», said Sheila Méndez, Director of Digital Transformation and Innovation of the company. 

Block-Tech-Pharma wins first prize

The first prize, valued at € 3 000, was awarded to the Block-Tech-Pharma project, which proposes to use the Blockchain to optimize the export processes of the pharmaceutical Industry and thus reduce costs, times and intermediaries. 

Bárbara Navas and Sabina Fernández, promoters of the project, propose to create their own Hyperledger Fabric platform that unites the pharmaceutical company and all distributors in the same network. In this way, the flow of the documents, as well as its verification, will be easier.

Agrocoin, second prize valued at € 2 000

Jumping from pharmaceutical companies to agricultural products, Jesús Muñoz García, Santiago Alonso Larruscain and Rubén López Carreño propose to create a working ecosystem using Blockchain technology to optimize the agricultural production of almonds. 

«Our idea is that it should be a non-profit organization that allows you to eliminate intermediaries, revaluing and dignifying the work of the producer», they explained.

Blocktequila Project, third prize

The third prize, valued at € 1 000, went to Alfonso Moreno García and Eduard Nogués for their Blocktequila Project, through which they seek to increase control of the supply chain and tequila production. Blockchain will seek to achieve high levels of transparency and security throughout the production chain. In this way, food security will be increased and fraud will be fought. 

There is no doubt that Blockchain will impact in the coming years in all productive sectors, creating a paradigm shift where transactions and procedures are faster, simpler and, above all, more secure.